Our Mission

The mission of the Saugerties Community Garden is to provide access to public spaces in which area residents can grow organic vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs for their own consumption and for charitable organizations in our community. We aim to cultivate a spirit of community through social interaction and collaborative learning. The Garden will foster environmental sustainability and stewardship, advance education about healthy food, provide recreation alternatives within our community, and produce a wholesome supplemental food source for its gardeners.

Our Goals

  • Provide access to gardening within our community
  • Utilize and preserve our local green spaces
  • Educate collaboratively by sharing knowledge about gardening
  • Produce nutritious, organic food
  • Provide recreation alternatives for our residents
  • Allow opportunities for our community members to connect with their food sources and with each other

Our Structure

The Saugerties Community Garden operates on a membership basis, contingent on residence in the community of Saugerties, seasonal dues for a garden plot, and an agreement to the rules outlining expectations and responsibilities of plot management. In 2012, plot sizes of 10ft x 10ft were assigned at an annual rate of $30 per plot. Each year, plot dues go fully to the maintenance of the garden as a whole, as well as to fund promotional activities and educational programming within the space. In return, services provided to gardeners include seasonal use of an assigned plot, water ration and shared tools. A portion of the Garden is designated for group projects, and is open to volunteer gardening and charitable learning opportunities. Regular membership meetings are held to work collaboratively, troubleshoot through development, and nurture a sense of interaction and co-ownership of the space. These meetings are posted on our events page.

We hope you’ll support the Garden and grow with us!

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